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You're not average. Your Digital Marketing game shouldn't be either.


It's no secret, businesses today are having to adapt to an entirely different playing field with Covid-19 mandates in place all throughout the country, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

What seems like a time to think twice about opening a business, or pulling back from one, we are finding successful company stories being built online through the impact of digital marketing.

We created KEYMAKERS as a solution to help small business owners at any level, leverage valuable technology, and digital marketing techniques they can apply to grow online.

What Can You Expect From Us?

FREE 45-Minute Video of the Blueprints we use to help businesses get online

FREE Blueprint Ebook covering all the tools we use to help businesses scale online

Affordable Website Funnels, Landing Pages, Coaching resources for your business

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If you need to know how to get your business online we created these BLUEPRINTS that will guide you to the right resources for you to get started.

Safe Access

The application of these online tools can make an immediate impact in your business, and this is why we created the KEYMAKERS Safe Access.

vault Access

We take you into the Vault with access to courses created by the Creative Director at Adplify. Leading digital marketing company in Silicon Valley.

Master Key

True KEYMAKERS know access is never the question when you possess a Master Key. With this program we set up your digital marketing platforms for you. Website Funnel, landing pages, chat bots, automation, social media account set-up, and finally ad strategies to help propel your business forward utilizing the latest in technology software to execute your ideas, online campaigns, and overall company growth. Receive technical support from seasoned funnel builders and digital marketers, and get access to the KEYMAKERS coach. To help you fine tune your techniques, strategies, and website.



As one of the top digital marketing agencies in the Silicon Valley, our mission through the KEYMAKERS program is to help small businesses discover the power of digital marketing.

Through our community of KEYMAKERS, we assist one another with impactful marketing insights, and build our businesses online through the resources found in the program.

Website funnel builder

Courses taught by Creative Director of Adplify to support your growth

Learn how to automate your business, and use the latest digital marketing techniques to grow online

Hi, I'm Luis Ochoa, the creator of KEYMAKERS & CEO of Adplify LLC.

I created KEYMAKERS to build a community of entrepreneurs, and small business owners who want to genuinely grow their business, and not waste time doing it.

Through my experience as creative director for my agency, it really has come down to a few key elements for a business to make an impact online.

I wanted to make a program that was immediately applicable for small business owners to grow, and easily collaborate through the actual process of building their brand, and website.

To achieve this, we have partnered with one of the best website building platforms in the world to help execute our KEYMAKERS program; which will include features using the digital marketing tools, and techniques found exclusively in this program.


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"Finding out what your business needs is never the hard part. It's the tools and resources you haven't discovered in your pursuit that end up becoming the game changer."

Download my blueprints for FREE, and discover for yourself what it takes to maneuver your business through the 21st century.

Luis M. Ochoa - CEO Adplify LLC.

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Once we think you're a right fit we get you started with your website and marketing strategies in our program.


See what other people have to say about the program!

"Adplify produced an amazing website that has generated new sign-ups for our staffing agency. I constantly get compliments on how great is."

Jose Badillo, Advance Staffing, Inc

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Are you tired of running around, and need to really find out how to make an impact in your business, or brand? Sometimes your search can lead you down some interesting avenues, and this ebook helps put it all into perspective with the business owner in mind. Click the link and get your hands on this FREE ebook The KEYMAKERS Blueprints. We know this can potentially save you valuable time, and we don't want you to miss out on our growing community of small businesses in our area, utilizing the tools, and the courses taught in these courses.

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Where are you located?

Address: 618 Blossom Hill Rd #201, San Jose, CA 95123, United States

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What areas do you service?

The entire Greater Bay Area.

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How does it work?

Follow the steps below and get started today! Let's Get Started

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How fast can you set up my platform?

We are able to deliver results in as fast as 7 days, and have packages for businesses both big, and small.

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When can I get started?

After you've spoken to a representative, we can begin the on boarding process in as fast as 1 day after you've answered a few questions about your business/industry.

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